For many years, I’ve been sharing Lori Mackey’s book, Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs, with my students.

I consider her book one of my most valued sources for supplementing my language arts curriculum.
Teachers are encouraged to provide meaningful lessons that allow students to apply their learning to real life situations.
The content of Lori Mackey’s book introduces children to a valuable life skill of managing their money an knowing that money matters.

I was thrilled when I first read her book, and that excitement has lasted to this day. It’s an unbelievable feeling to watch my students’ eyes light up as they discover a way they can create a better future for themselves and their family. Reading this book has been a catalyst to a lively discussion, motivated expressive writing, and a desire to share with others (especially their parents). In the midst of an economic crisis, there’s an even greater need to share her book.

Jean Nishimura
Willow Elementary School
Teaching children about money is so important because they are influencing family spending more than ever before. Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs, importantly, puts emphasis on spending wisely which is so vital for young people to learn. Everyday spending decisions especially credit-based ones will do far more harm to one’s financial future than any investment decision. By teaching the little ones early how to become wise spenders, they will be able to hang on to more of their earnings.”
Paul Richard, RFC
ICFE Executive Director
Institute of Consumer Financial Education
It is easier to raise a child that feels entitled to everything than to teach him that money is really just a tool to live well and help make the world a better place. With our seven year old, it amazed us how early “the gimmies” started and how difficult it is to consistently and positively reinforce the value and benefits of money. Now that we have been using the Money Mama Piggy Bank for nearly a year, we are even more amazed at the changes in our son’s attitude and the level of responsibility. He shows in making decisions about what he buys, how he saves and invests money, and how much he enjoys giving to Heal The Bay and the SurfRider Foundation. The Money Mama has been an invaluable tool for us because it gives us an easy structure for financial teaching that is also fun for our son. It doesn’t get any better than finding something that makes learning life lessons natural and enjoyable.”
Jay Sundher Malibu , Calif.
Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs is a great book for children. It is an excellent way to teach them what they should do with their money. Money Mama teaches children in a fun way to give to charity, invest, save and spend some money on things that they really want. Everyone should use some of Money Mama’s magic and make the world a much nicer place to live in.
Stephan Avena
President Save For America
I never imagined that my seven-year-old could be so knowledgeable about the financial concepts that have taken me years to understand. We were already routinely giving to charity, but when we got the Money Mama Piggy Bank, we became more systematic about putting away money for investing, savings and spending. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having an easy way to work with him on one of the most important lessons in the world.
Shelley Barnes Newbury Park, Calif.
I wanted to take a moment to write to you about your products. I love them. Last Christmas I gave both of my children the Money Mama bank and they share the book and CD.
I can’t even tell you how this has cut down on arguments when we go shopping. Now he wants to look at the toy department to see what he’s saving up for instead of expecting me to buy it for him right then and there!
I purchased the allowance chart when it came out. My children are 2.5 and 5 years old. My son gets an allowance based on completing his “chores” without major arguments (i.e. getting dressed in the morning, making his bed, brushing teeth, etc.) and the occasional mystery chore (helping with the dishes without being asked, helping with laundry). He understands that he is rewarded with money and loves to put the money in the different compartments of the bank. He also knows he can use this money to buy the toys he wants. I can’t even tell you how this has cut down on arguments when we go shopping. Now he wants to look at the toy department to see what he’s saving up for instead of expecting me to buy it for him right then and there! He’s trying to save money for the homeless animals and at some point we’ll figure out what to do with the investing portion of his bank. By the way, he receives between $.05 and .10 for each chore. So he gets about $3.50 a week – sometimes more, sometimes less.
At night, I let my children decide what they want to listen to as they drift off to sleep. Would you believe they listen to your children several nights a week? My daughter, who is only 2 1/2, can recite the book along with Briana! Please let Devin know that my children have his “cha-ching” down pat as well.
As for the allowance chart; I love it! I’m not wasting paper any more for the chart that I had and it’s so much easier for me to change the “chores” we are working on.
So, many thanks to you for creating such a wonderful product.
Best Regards,
Brenda Monahan Lowell, MA
Dear Lori, I can honestly tell you that my oldest daughter (7) is a completely different kid after implementing this system. She asks me how to invest her money several times a week. When she has enough money in her investing pig, she wants to buy a share of Disney Stock. But stop and think about this for a few minutes. Your Money Mama system has my daughter saving to buy a share of stock, not some toy that will be broken in two days and never used again.
Thank you,
Rob Minton, Ohio
It’s never too early to begin teaching children how to save, invest, and give to their community — and Ms. Mackey’s Money Mama & the Three Little Pigs presents these concepts using simple, fun storytelling. Combining a piggy bank with the story is a brilliant hands-on educational tool that allows children to experience immediate results from the lessons they have learned.
Rosetta Jones
Director, Visa U.S.A. Inc.
My kids look forward to receiving their allowance just to be able to distribute it between the little pigs! Thank you for the fantastic tool to help teach my children sound financial values. As an added bonus, my five year old, Savannah, after earning money through the chart, chose to give HALF of her left over spending money to charities for children that do not have enough food. I am incredibly proud of her.
Take Care,
My girls love their charts! They are very excited and on top of marking off their daily chores. I love your product and have been telling everyone with and without kids about it. It is a great resource! I’ve learned a lot and I believe it will be a great learning tool for my kids now and for their future. THANK YOU!
Dear Lori, Actually, the materials are awesome. We are not the parents but the grandparents. We ordered a set for each of our two grandchildren who will be two in June, plus the book for the parents. We decided before we began to get grandchildren that we would not be the grandparents they would remember for things but time and lessons.
I am an associate financial advisor with the top financial planning firm, have worked in this field for 17 years and have never found a better tool for young parents than your “Money Mama” system.
So…on their first birthdays we opened 529 plans for each and contribute monthly to their college savings. (Since we are the parents of 6 adult children between us, we had to decide on an amount that we could afford during retirement for all our grandchildren even if we end up with 12 or 15.) Then when gifting occasions come around we gift lightly or try to make it a practical gift. I believe that if our children use these tools to teach their children that their own financial situations will improve. I am an associate financial advisor with the top financial planning firm, have worked in this field for 17 years and have never found a better tool for young parents than your “Money Mama” system. In fact, we ordered another book and parent’s guide for one of our clients this past week. I appreciate the work you are doing toward educating our young people.
J.D. Oklahoma
Dear Lori, I sat one day at my desk on the computer and wanted to get to a site that could inform me of the education I needed to enhance myself to teach my two children about money, finance, and behavior incentives. After searching for hours, I came up on your web site and have used it for the past two years. So thank you for the opportunity you have given the world to put the information of your knowledge and abilities on the web for people like me to read and use. You and your web site will make a better financial world for are children just like I am trying to make a better world for our children by fighting terrorism throughout the globe.
Scott Fabacher US Navy Seabee
Dear Lori,
Your product is fabulous. My son loves it. It’s actually his favorite thing and he’s learned so much already about money and finances. And he just turned five. Fantastic idea.
Patti Verbanas Atlanta, GA
Dear Lori, Your products are working wonders. My children (ages 5 & 6) no longer plead with me to buy them everything that they see in the store. They know that they can purchase it with their money & my oldest is starting to get wise & tell me that she is not wasting her money.
She has even asked to return candy that she has purchased because she decided she didn’t want it after it was purchased. She had learned a hard lesson that not all things can be returned and she had to pay for it anyway. She now thinks twice before she checks out. My youngest has almost stopped fighting with her sister all together since she know that she can earn money by not fighting. It is still a work in progress but just one day with no fighting & ugliness is a plus in my book. She also keeps her room clean since that also earns money.
I have recommended your site & program to other parents at the school that I work at.
I can’t stop recommending it with all the progress and success we have had in such a short period. Thank you for checking in on us. I must say that this is the first time that I have purchased a product where the owner is actually interested in its success or failure. That says a lot in your faith about your product and the business that you run. Thank you for such a wonderful and sanity saving product.
Kindly yours, Amy Gillen
Just imagine where we would all be, if we were taught this valuable lesson as children. Prosperity4Kids is a wonderful way to start your child on the road to financial success.
Robert Allen
Author of New York Times #1 Bestsellers Multiple Streams of Income, Nothing Down and Creating Wealth
Finally, a Real Piggy Bank that teaches life’s 3 most important financial lessons to kids instantly. I love this product and want every kid to have one starting at birth.
Mark Victor Hansen
Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and 79 more New York Times #1 best-selling titles
After looking through many lists of books related to investing & children, I came upon Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs. I had to go no further in my search: a book that was not only fun for kids, with wonderful illustrations, but it taught the areas that I think are so important for kids to learn at an early age: giving, saving & investing. All three are equally important and so few books for children stress all three. I HIGHLY recommend this book.
Tracey Gluck
Senior Managing Director 
Bear Stearns. Los Angeles